Welcome Visitors

Say 'hi' to your visitors and customers when they land on your store

Welcome on our store!

Ideas of campaigns

πŸ’‘ Introduce your team

πŸ’‘ Show your shop / office / warehouse

πŸ’‘ Tell your company story

πŸ’‘ Highlight values of your store

πŸ’‘ Tell customers where to reach out

πŸ’‘ Target visitors from certain sources (ads, social medias, etc)


Increase your shop trustworthiness

Your store looks more human, just like in a shop

Break the ice with your customers

Increase purchase intention

Steps to setup

Time: ~10 minutes

Record a video with the device of your choice, and upload it into Vidjet.
Select display devices, and set elements on your video.
Target visitors on your homepage URL. Choose a trigger and set view restrictions.
Preview and launch your campaign!
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