I asked myself this question when I started using my brand's Instagram videos on my product pages.

As I was developing Vidjet at the same time, I started gathering data & insights about videos embedded on product pages.

Think about distribution before creation

What you need to know: video creation comes along with distribution.

The most important part of creating video content is knowing how to distribute it. Without proper distribution, the video will not reach its audience who deserves and needs this information!

The biggest mistake is to create appealing videos for your products and to use YouTube to publish them on your product pages.

Among other marketing & communication channels, video is powerful. The video you create can be used in Facebook Ads, on TikTok, YouTube, as well as an informative landing page to boost engagement and conversions.

However, this channel has been overlooked by brands who haven't recorded metrics such as play rates, engagement, conversions, etc., which are all important data points when evaluating the success of your content, and the associated ROI.

That is why, when you embed a video on a product page, it's important to make sure:

⮕ its placement will get the best performance
⮕ video metrics are tracked and reported

It's time to go ahead, take your mobile, and record videos of your products!

And remember: your visitors enjoy authentic videos, like they see on social networks. Videos don't need to look professional for them to perform well!

Important note: average play rates have been analyzed on a small sample of 23 e-commerce websites, taking part from different verticals, industries and countries (mostly Europe and USA).


Main images: Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash