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How do you make the best out of your e-commerce website? By including videos! They are an excellent way to increase conversions and improve engagement. In this article, we will show you 23 on-site videos that have been used by e-merchants for their online shops. There is a video for every goal: from product demonstrations to testimonials, from welcome videos to informative videos. Find inspiration from one or more of the examples below!

What are the best e-commerce on-site videos for higher conversion rates?

The best product videos: how-to’s sustainable e- shop knows a thing or two about proper video campaigns. When visitors scroll through the page of their signature deodorant, they see a pop-up video showing how to recharge the deodorant case and how to apply it once it’s ready. This video is one of the best thanks to various reasons: a handsome model 😉 , a detailed how-to of the product, added subtitles, and a touch of humour at the end. = 10/10 videos! Gif of their rechargable deodorant on the page of the same product How-to Video

Atashi Cellular

Atashi Cellular is a Spanish beauty shop. When visitors land on the mobile page of their signature eye concealer, they see a pop-up video showing how to apply the product. This video is great not only thanks to its authenticity, but also the narrator who explains the application process step-by-step.

Atashi Cellular Gif with woman applying eye product on her face on the mobile website of Atashi Cellular
Atashi Cellular How-to Video

Colorful Black

The combination of explainer + how-to video from Colorful Black’s magic cream is a definite example to follow. This video is also a good reminder that you don’t need ultra HD cameras and a professional crew to create engaging and converting on-site content.

Colorful Black Gif with woman applying cream on her hand on the Colorful Black website
Colorful Black How-to Video

Endro Cosmetiques

When visitors land on the page of Endro Cosmetiques’ signature make-up remover, they see a pop-up video showing how to apply the product. This video is great because you also see the product in action - when the woman applies the product on her lips, you can see how efficient the product is in removing her lipstick.

Endro Cosmetiques gif with woman applying make-up removal product on her lips to remove red lipstick on Endro Cosmetiques website
Endro Cosmetiques How-to Video

Mood Swiss Rings

Mood Swiss Rings’ custom-made jewellery are based on the buyer’s intent. Therefore, the video on this page shows how the process works. This type of video is a must-have for e-merchants that sell unique products. What Mood Swiss Rings does masterfully is the vantage point of the filming, the clever use of text, and the detailed explanation of how the rings work. 

Mood Swiss Rings Gif on Mood Swiss Rings website with two hands trying out different rings
Mood Swiss Rings How-to Video


Instead of displaying a product video on the product page, Unbottled have done something smart with this how-to video of one of their shampoos. They display the video on a blog post page - in case someone lands on their content, there is an added incentive to buy their products. The video also works because it shows how to use their solid shampoo and how beautiful hair looks after using it.

Unbottled Gif on Unbottled website with redhead woman drying and combing her wet hair then shaking her head with beautiful dry shiny red hair
Unbottled How-to Video

The best product videos: product in action


When visitors scroll through Agile Work’s laptop expansion page, they see a pop-up video of… literally the product in action. The video expertly illustrated how the product works and why it’s so useful to have one. We might buy some as well to help manage all that multi-tasking 🤔

Agile Work Gif with woman who puts iphone on device that connects to laptop
Agile Work Product Video


MTEverfit is a US-based fitness shop that sells workout bags which you can fill with sand. When visitors land on their homepage, they will see an excellent pop-up video. This video works because it shows all the aspects of the product: a display of its varied characteristics, such as color and material, as well as the bag actually being used by someone. 

MTEverfit Gif with muscly man who lifts military bag filled with sand
MTEverfit Product Video


Mummix is simply the most delicious e-commerce store in Italy. We will actually be featuring 2 different types of videos that they display on their website - they’re that good! 🤤 When visitors land on their eco hazelnut spread page, mouths begin to salivate at the delicious color and texture of this product. We are 100% convinced that we’d finish that jar in an instant.

Mummix Gif with Nutella like cream dripping from a wooden spoon
Mummix Product Video

My Heatless Hair

When visitors land on the My Heatless Hair homepage, they will see a repurposed Tik-Tok video of their product in action. This video is great because it proves you don’t need to create new videos for your website for them to be efficient. 

My Heatless Hair Gif with woman removing heatless curler from her head revealing natural hair curls
My Heatless Hair Product Video


When visitors land on NZOBeauty’s page of this beautiful wig, they will see a pop-up video that explains how to style the wig in 6 different ways. This video is the perfect example of how to get it right: it’s fun and light, it shows the product in use, and it offers inspiration to prospective buyers, increasing their likelihood to buy.

Heatfree Hair Gif with woman smiling and tying her curly wig up in a ponytail
Heatfree Hair Product Video


Go to almost any product page on Phillip Jones’ online shop, and you’ll be welcome with detailed pop-up videos of their beautiful jewellery. While their videos don’t necessarily show people wearing their jewels, the clean and soft presentation of their products put them in a very attractive light.

Phillip Jones Gif with Gold plated 30mm hoop earrings on white background
Phillip Jones Product Video

The best product videos: testimonials 

Brightly Teeth

When you land on Brightly Teeth’s homepage, you’ll be welcomed with a testimonial pop-up video that’s short and to the point. The lovely customer gives a quick shout-out to Brightly’s product. What’s more, her smile is definite proof of the product’s efficiency. The last great aspect about this video is that it’s repurposed - so no big effort whatsoever!

Brightly Teeth Gif with woman who smiles and reveals white teeth
Brightly Teeth Testimonial Video

Leafy Covers

When visitors land on Leafy’s homepage, they will see a pop-up video that gives a short but relevant overview of their phone cases. And, you guessed it, it’s another successful testimonial video, with the satisfied customer detailing the look & feel of the product, as well as what she likes most about it.

Leafy Covers Gif with woman showing sustainable iphone cover in beige color
Leafy Testimonial Video

Sustainable Shine

When you land on Sustainable Shine’s homepage, you’ll see a pop-up video that brings justice to what already is an amazing product. The video works not only thanks to the extensive review of this eco-toothbrush, but also thanks to combining 3 testimonials into 1 convincing video.

Sustainable Shine Gif with 3 people talking and holding a wooden tootbhrush in their hands
Sustainable Shine Testimonial Video

The best informative videos


If you’re ever in search of authentic, handmade furniture, Drugeot’s product pages will convince you of their process. Any informative, behind the scenes video content will do wonders to e-merchants’ conversion rates, because they facilitate customer trust and serve as proof to the shop’s claims to uniqueness. Drugeot goes even further and links a CTA to a page where visitors can investigate more if they’re curious. Make sure to follow their example! 

Drugeot Gif with men working on manually assembling a wooden table
Drugeot Informative Video


Similar to Drugeot, Jeste’s doing a great job on their homepage with this pop-up video. Short and sweet, it shows the story of how their solid toothpaste is made, “How it’s made” style. No filters, just the truth.

Jeste Gif with 2 assembly line workes who weigh sustainable cream in small round containers  on a scale in
Jeste's Informative Video

Lightning Outlet

If customers want to return their Lightning Outlet product and go to the returns page, they will see a pop-up video with the manager of returns giving a detailed explanation of the entire process. This is a great example of informative video as it makes visitors’ life easier - they don’t have to skim through content to find what they need.

Lightning Outlet Gif with blonde woman talking and wearing a green shirt and a black skirt on beige background
The Lightning Outlet Informative Video


By using pop-up videos, Menz-Menzy have solved a relevant problem for e-merchants in the clothing industry: sizing. They display a video with a model wearing the product and give information on his size, all with a pirouette that provides a better understanding of what the product looks like from all angles. If this isn’t a certain conversion rate booster, we don’t know what is!

Menz Menzy Gif with man wearing a blue shirt in size M and doing a pirouette
Menz-MenzY Informative VIdeo


We return to Mummix, but this time with the great video displayed on their homepage. Since their brand is all about sustainability, the video gives an overview of how the products are packaged. By proving their shipping is aligned with their mission, Mummix increases the chance of visitors trusting the brand and placing an order.

Mummix Gif with hands packing two jars packed in carton in a carton box
Mummix Informative Video

Orallee Celebrations

Orallee’s video on custom surprise puzzles is another example of an informative video done right. If visitors land on the page and watch the video, they will find out exact details of how the puzzle works, the box it’ll come in, and the process of assembling it. This video not only informs, but reassures the buyer as well! 

Orallee Celebrations with woman smiling and showing a puzzle box
Orallee Celebrations Informative Video

Peak Gems

Peak Gems videos are some of the most informative in this list. They are also unique within the e-commerce space, acting as quick documentaries and stories about the gems. The video that pops-up on the sapphire page is an engaging story of where the gem comes from, how it’s processed, its chemical composition, and celebrities who couldn’t leave the house without it 😉

Peak Gems gif with woman presenting a sapphire
Peak Gems Informative Video

The best welcome videos

Easy Rider

Easy Rider's homepage is cool and adventurous, much like their products. What's even cooler is the welcome video that pops up when you land on their website. The owner welcomes visitors with a warm smile and explains how to get in touch if needed. Short and simple!

Pop-up video gif with man wearing black hat talking against a green background
Easy Rider Welcome Video

MCXI Candles

After landing on MXCI Candles’ homepage, you’ll be welcomed with an innovative and unique pop-up video. The approach of introducing their products via a mock newscast is a definite attention grabber! These types of creative videos are a must for any e-commerce business, especially when you want to get the first impression right.

MCXI Candles Gif with blonde woman in red dress presenting a candle in a newscast background
MCXI Candles Welcome Video

Okra and Molly

Okra and Molly’s e-commerce business offers personalized cakes for your doggies. Since it is easy to get lost in the cuteness, their welcome video from the homepage brings you down to earth for some important information regarding their cake ordering process. Quick, informative, and to the point, this welcome video is the perfect introduction to their store!

Okra and Molly Gif with man in orange shirt waving on white background
Okra and Molly Welcome Video


Main Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash  

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November 25, 2021

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