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Shopify Five Starts Vidjet
Five Starts Customers Vidjet
This app solved a great problem for us - giving sizing info to our customers using informative videos. The targeting options are easy to use, and the videos are very responsive. You can scroll through the website and the videos won't stop playing. A delight to viewers!
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Five Starts Customers Vidjet
Highly recommend this app, our conversions have increased by 15 - 30% on all products. Customers trust us more and our on-site experience is similar to a brick and mortar store. This is the future of eCommerce that everyone will adapt to within 10 years.
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The Lighting Outlet
Five Starts Customers Vidjet
We love it! We automated 2 videos and they made our store look inviting and trustworthy. Customers like it and it's super easy to set up. Strongly recommend this app for any online store that wants to connect with shoppers in a intime and original way.
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Get closer to your clients by automating videos along their journey on your store. Amplify your mediums of communication using video popups.

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Break the ice with your customers. Give additional details. Reassure them. Thank buyers and invite them to come back. Just like in a shop!

Grow your online store

Showcase your products when visitors are looking for more information. A popup video with a good timing leads to a higher conversion rate.
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